Hi everyone, I participated in a Game jam - BTP GJ 2.

This was created in 4 days as an entry.

Hope you like it.


Were you to discover any bugs, please report them in comments below, I will try my best to fix them.

Should you have any questions, feel free to ask below.


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Escaping Home Downloadable 59 MB


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it looks prety goosd, and that is an amazing skybox , but you should improve controls

The background is a free asset on unity.. How should I improve the controls ? any suggestions ?

i think it has a high sensivility, if you whant you can ajust it manually or let the player choose , and there is a way to lock the mouse so it let you look free 

About the sensitivity. It was set for a 2k monitor, and the game is built just at HD, so the sensitivity is higher.

Regarding mouse lock. I have looked online for solutions, but found out, you can only lock it at downloadable version, not online, and it requires done extra scripts which I don't have.

Otherwise, thanks for your time.

hmm, i can't find a way to leave the cave...

There is a way, always.

I  search so long, but I was stuck in the middle area due to the gravity

You can go to a side, there is always a way.

If you use ESC as closing command for the info window, the full screen in browser closes. But if the game is not in fullscreen, the movement of the mouse is too slow so my mouse leaves the game area. :D

That's exactly what I encountered. I was thinking, maybe to use something instead of the esc, but at the same time, it wouldnt really make sense :/

right mouseclick is perhaps a good solution ?

That would get into the same problem as mousclick to use the drill, where you can click away from the game. But I shall do something in the next version to fix this. Thanks for the suggestion.

well, we are only talking about the I key menu :D

nevermind, you will find a solution :D