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Welcome to Coding 101.

This game took roughly about 15 - 20 hours to make. The problem was, that I started working on a different project for this game jam. If you want more info, find the easter egg inside my game, or two of them ... or more.

I hope you will enjoy this game, I will be grateful for any feedback you can leave.

Disclaimer - I didnt actually have time to work more on music and graphics of Menu and Credits, so sorry for that.

Known bugs:

- Falling for eternity in some levels

- Jump boost against box walls

- Help not working

-Death and time count reseting on tutorial

Updated version: https://smael.itch.io/coding-101-full

If you know about anything else, please let me know, so I could fix it.

Until I repair help, here is what it says:

You need to use commands to move, jump ... Basic commands publicly available:


How to use them: just type the letters. If you make a mystake, wait 5 seconds and try again. Move with arrows.


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Alpha 1.1.rar 23 MB

Development log


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really great game, I'm totally digging the style of this game. I liked how you have to puzzle through it, with the "push" mechanic. The only minus is that the double jump makes the normal jump kind of redundant. The death counter and the dark souls theme fits totally this vibe. And as you see at the Screenshot, I died... alot. I got stucked at this level. Before I submit my Rating, I wanted to ask you about it.

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There are also some hidden commands, like triple :D that is the one i hoped you would figure out, or try on your own. You need to jump up now, and I bet you can figure out the rest.

About the jump - sometimes you dont want to jump too high, or you might die. Thats where you can still use regular jump.


And, by the way, with boxes, try pushing q, it is much easier than timing it with the push ability, so you could jump over the box.